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A Day in the Life of A UHMC Security Guard

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UHMC Ho’oulu reporters were taken on a ride-along with campus security on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 to get the latest inside scoop on what exactly a security guard’s job really is.

By: Jacqueline Makena Kapu and Tyler Turley

Some may think that the career of a security guard is easier than any other position in the field of administration of justice. Along with maintaining the peace on campus, the University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC) security guards have many other daily duties to ensure a safe learning environment. Ho’oulu reporters went on a ride-along with security guard Brandon Kalehuawene, who was able to give the inside scoop of what being a security guard on campus is all about.
UHMC has 24-hour surveillance and security on campus to ensure safety and security to all those present. There are also emergency towers on campus that will allow a person to call security if assistance is needed. The typical daily routine for a UHMC security guard is to come to work and gather necessary equipment needed for the day, as well as get an update of the incidents that happened in the shift prior to theirs. Next, security guards continue their day by patrolling a different building each hour, reporting back to the security office to ensure each location that is patrolled is safe and to responding to those in need. “Our main duties are to keep the homeless off campus, keep the school grounds safe for students and faculty and keep the peace,” Kalehuawene explained to Ho’oulu. A “guard card” certification is needed if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a security guard at the UHMC campus.
When asked if the UHMC campus was safe, Kalehuawene replied “Yes, there are fewer incidents now a days than when I started here two years ago.” He continued to explain that there are fewer incidents because of their known presence and kind attitude that is presented while on the job. Incidents that these security guards have to encounter while on the job can range from managing people on campus, disrespectful students to faculty members, as well as break-ins. Approximately six out of 10 people get caught doing things they have no business doing whether it’s drinking, consuming drugs on campus or stealing something that doesn’t belong to them” said Kalehuawene. He couldn’t stress more to Ho’oulu that it is important for students to know the rules and laws about applying force to anyone, “We’re not police officers, I try to stay away from physical force.”
The security office on campus is located in the Laulima building on the right side, if one were coming from the main parking lot. If you or someone you know on campus ever has an emergency or needs to get in touch with UHMC security, the phone number is (808) 984-3255. There are also several emergency towers located around campus that are easily accessible for anyone.

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